Trees for Georgetown

Trees for Georgetown was started in 1989 with the goal of planting trees along the streets of Georgetown. We have planted over 3,000 trees, working with our neighbors to educate them about the importance of street trees and how to properly care for them. We want everyone to care about our canopy as much as we do!

About Us

Trees for Georgetown is an all-volunteer committee dedicated to the planting, care and maintenance of Georgetown’s residential street trees. The group was launched in 1989 to supplement the dwindling resources of the District. Since it’s inauguration, Trees for Georgetown has planted over 3,000 tress, contracted watering services during drought periods, and provided preventative maintenance for at-risk trees. We also inform neighbors on how to care for these trees and guide them regarding city regulations. Many residents do not know that they are responsible for the guardianship of the trees in front of their property.

Support Us

As with all of CAG’s committees, Trees for Georgetown relies solely on donations to continue our tree maintenance efforts. Please consider sending a check, payable to Citizens Association of Georgetown, 1058 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20007. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards keeping our canopy thriving.

Maintaining Our Canopy

For over 30 years, TFG has enhanced the beauty of Georgetown by planting over 3,000 trees. TFG continues to keep our canopy green by contracting with vendors for watering services, as well as protecting the canopy by repairing DC regulation wrought iron fences.

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