Georgetown University Insight

Georgetown is fortunate to have Georgetown University, a world class institution, in the neighborhood. The synergy among the residents, students, faculty and staff is integral to the neighborhood vibe. We encourage CAG members to introduce yourself and get to know the students, especially those living in the off-campus housing.

CAG’s Partnership with The University

As a part of the 2010 Georgetown University Campus Plan, the Georgetown Community Partnership was created. The GCP consists of community leaders, University & hospital decision makers, and the student body president. CAG is a founding member.  We work on results-oriented proposals for creative strategies to remedy adverse impacts the University has on the neighborhood – issues that migh impact safety, residential and student life. Some of the ideas are quick fixes like making it just as desirable to host a party on campus as off. And some are long term and expensive like new on-campus dorms. This strategic partnership fosters common ground. CAG has found that the University, the hospital and the community share the same goals and values for the quality of life in our neighborhood. We are never too far apart on what we want for our vibrant neighborhood.

Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP)

If you do experience problems in the neighborhood, you can call Georgetown University’s helpline at (202) 687-8413.

Take advantage of Georgetown University offerings:

As a Georgetown University neighbor, you are invited and welcome to advantage of the many cultural and educational opportunities offered by the University. We encourage CAG members to take advantage of these opportunities and while you are walking about town, introduce yourself and get to know the students, especially those living in the off-campus housing. Stroll the campus and enjoy the green space.

Here are some of the many offerings:

Performing Arts in the Neighborhood

The Department of Performing Arts at GU offers high-quality performing arts right here in our neighborhood including music, theater and dance productions throughout the year.

Georgetown University Senior Citizen Non-Degree Auditor Program

People over 65 years of age in the Washington, D.C., area now have a daytime opportunity to continue their lifelong pursuit of learning. Georgetown offers senior citizens the opportunity to audit undergraduate level courses (course numbers 400 and lower) in the Georgetown College.

Georgetown University Learning Community Program

The Association of Retired Faculty and Staff offers a series of non-credit mini-classes, usually six per semester, for individuals age 55 or over. The courses are taught, on a volunteer basis, by retired faculty and others on a variety of topics, such as politics, art, literature, and science, that engage the community in the intellectual life of the University. The registration fee is $30 for a single course or $50 for multiple courses. Pre-registration is required.

Other Neighborhood Resources:

Georgetown University offers many other programs and events for our neighbors, including non-credit courses, athletics programs for kids, recreational activities, performing arts and more.

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For help and assistance with students in the neighborhood, please visit the Office of Neighborhood Life