Becoming a member of CAG is a great way to get involved and show your support for the many ways your neighbors work to preserve and protect Georgetown and ensure you love where you live.

Why become a CAG member?

For over 100 years, CAG has fostered and supported our members and actively engaged them in our community and civic life here in Georgetown. Connectivity and action happen through the activity of our working committees, Board leadership, and dedicated support from all of our volunteer members. Since CAG is on the front lines of important civic, environmental, and community concerns, our response to issues greatly depends on membership participation and support.  

Join CAG today and enjoy a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion.

Membership Categories:

$65 Individual

$100 Household

$100 Non-resident

$10 Student

$75 Business

“Being a member of CAG assures me that I will receive timely information that helps to keep all of us working towards the same goals as a community…”

Constance, P St.

“Without CAG, Georgetown would be a very different place. CAG’s hands-on approach, and dedicated volunteers, work tirelessly to protect Georgetown’s historic legacy, while providing a thoughtful framework for the future

John, N St.

“CAG has been a roadmap connecting us to the broader community and ‘goings on’. Through neighborhood and civic involvement, CAG keeps all aspects of life at the fore and includes everyone.”

Ann, Dumbarton St.

“…our identity is wrapped up in history and the strong networks of friends who live here. It’s all about community and a sense of place and belonging. We are fortunate to have CAG..”

Catherine, R St.

We want to get to know you. We want you to feel safe and love where you live!