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The ABC’s of Liquor Licenses

Ever wonder about the orange, green, and red placards that periodically appear in the windows and doors along Wisconsin and M? They are notice to the public that a restaurant or bar is applying to obtain, renew, or substantially change its liquor license. It’s the point at which CAG’s ABC committee steps in to vet the application. If there appear to be potential problems with the operation, the committee works closely with the ANC, affected neighbors, and the applicant to negotiate a settlement agreement that addresses the concerns. Most often these issues pertain to music and noise, the handling of trash, hours of operation, and location of summer gardens. Once an agreement is reached, it becomes part of the license.

The committee also monitors existing establishments, aiding neighbors when problems arise. When residents complain about disruptive noise or rodent infestation, a conversation with the license holder can help eliminate the problem, thus, avoiding further involvement by the ABC Board.

Georgetowners thoroughly enjoy their restaurants and bars. But they also enjoy their sleep and tranquil surroundings. The ABC committee’s mission is to ensure the peaceful coexistence of the two.