CAG Board

The Association’s Board of Directors is charged with setting the strategic goals that will enforce and maintain CAG’s mission and goals. The Board is comprised of 12 volunteer members, each of whom is a member of CAG and resides in Georgetown.

Executive Board

Tara Sakraida Parker


Christi Cline


Lawrence Flanagan

Vice President & Treasurer

Board Members

Stephanie Bothwell

Karen Cruse

Ellen Eisenberg

Darcy Nauman


Nash Peart


John Rentzepis

Jennifer Romm

Tom Ryan


Karin Wheeler

Richard Hinds

General Counsel

Committee Chairs

Betsy Eames

Trees for Georgetown

Karin Wheeler


Karen Murphy


Walter Groszyk


Stephanie Bothwell

Urban Landscape

Elsa Santoyo

Historic Preservation & Zoning

Ellen Eisenberg

Programming & Events

Karen Cruse

Alcohol Beverage Control

Kevin Kozlowski

Rats, Trash, & Recycling

Cathy Farrell

Oral Histories

John Rentzepis

Public Safety

Richard Hinds

Public Safety


Brittany Sawyer

Executive Director.


Judy Gutierrez

Business and Operations Manager