Public Safety

CAG’s Public Safety Program promotes public safety by organizing and engaging neighbors as well as hiring a CAG Security Officer to make a safer and more comfortable neighborhood for everybody.

We Need Your Support

In response to widespread community concerns about public safety, CAG has broadened its Public Safety Program. The program hires private security officers, organizes and informs block captains and users, installs and maintains neighborhood cameras, employs a CAG staff member dedicated solely to Public Safety activities, and works closely with the Metropolitan Police Department. The expanded program is based on the premise that there is strength in numbers and community involvement. This CAG initiative is 100% paid for by the community and needs your support to continue. We urge you to join other Georgetown residents in supporting the initiative by making a tax-deductible donation.

SPECIAL THANKS TO our community partners ellen charles and washington fine properties. WFP has been our community partner for public safety for seventeen YEARS!

 By supporting the Public Safety Program, all donors help make Georgetown a safer, more informed, and better-connected neighborhood. Donors are also the only ones who receive the security officer’s mobile number. They can contact the officer directly at any time they are on duty. Many residents find it useful to have the officer escort them (or their guests) between home and car and to have the officer pay extra attention to their property while on vacation. Since expanding our program to include this service, we have had excellent feedback about our officer responding quickly and efficiently to donors’ special requests.

Paying for it – The Price of Increased Security

The expanded Public Safety Program costs more than ever before. The good news is that donations to the Public Safety Program are completely tax-deductible. We are asking each resident of Georgetown to give as generously as possible. If we all share the financial responsibility at the highest level each household can afford, we will be able to sustain a comprehensive program.

Please join your neighbors in supporting this important program that keeps your neighborhood closely monitored at night and provides individualized security service. We will all be safer and more connected!


Your donation of $2500 will support two weeks+ of car and patrolling by a CAG Security Officer


Your donation of $1000 will support a CAG Security Officer’s car, with flashing lights and CAG logo, for three+ weeks


Your donation of $750 will support six hours+ of expert Mobotix camera technician support


Your donation of $500 will support two weeks+ of dedicated staff time for the program


Your donation of $350 will support one week+ of CAG Security Officer’s car

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. CAG’s tax-exempt number is 52-1359105.

An engaged, vigilant community is vital to preventing crime

CAG Security Officer

Working with MPD


Block Captains

We are currently recruiting new block captains. Sign up here.

  • Over 75 Georgetown residents have volunteered to be “crime communications central” for their respective neighborhood blocks
  • Block Captains work to keep their neighbors informed and they receive up-to-date notices about crime on or near their blocks
  • Block Captains give CAG and the MPD invaluable feedback about specific concerns of their neighborhood and specific blocks

Other Actions and Resources to help you protect your property and our community:

Light Up Georgetown to Deter Crime

CAG urges all residents to “leave the porch light on” to deter night-time crime. Click here for information about the benefits of increased lighting in public areas, recommendations for timers and bulbs, and cost implications.

Information on Security Cameras

CAG has found surveillance cameras to be a useful adjunct to our Public Safety Program. Click here to learn how residents can help by installing cameras on their own homes and in surrounding alleys, and for product recommendations and contact information for local installers.