What is the CAG Block Captain Initiative?

Block Captains are community resources providing specifics about crime and security information to their respective blocks. The Block Captain Initiative is a part of CAG’s overall Public Safety Program which promotes public safety by organizing and engaging neighbors as well as hiring a CAG Security Officer to make a safer and more comfortable neighborhood for everybody.

Block Captains are our most important resource for engaging our neighbors and promoting best public safety practices.

Learn more about  Block Captain’s Responsibilities and how to become one.  

Block Captain’s Responsibilities 

Block Captains introduce themselves and gather email addresses of all neighbors interested in receiving updates concerning safety on their block and communicate Public Safety issues to the list.

Block Captains receive up-to-date notices about crime on or near their block via the public safety listserv. CAG will also periodically give Block Captains updated flyers and safety material. 

When CAG gives out updated flyers Block Captains pass them out to neighbors on their respective blocks for the most effective method of disseminating safety information. 

Block Captains are also encouraged to organize neighbor meetups! Inviting neighborhood friends for drinks is not only fun, but it also provides a great opportunity to discuss safety concerns and how to appropriately prevent crime on your block.

Block captains give CAG and MPD invaluable feedback about what is of concern to their neighbors so issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently. You are our most important resource for engaging our neighbors and promoting best public safety practices. Thank you for your interest in helping to make Georgetown a better, safer, and more inviting community. 

If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain contact CAG

Block Captain Map

Find your Block Captain on our interactive map below!

If your block does not currently have a Block Captain consider volunteering!  It’s an easy way to make your neighborhood a safer and more connected part of the community.

Click HERE to view the Block Captain volunteer description.

Contact the CAG office to get started: 202-337-7313 or email