Dear Georgetown Neighbor,

I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas and that it’s been over a year since I stepped into the role of President at CAG. Within this past year, I’ve come to appreciate a key truth about this organization: CAG is your voice in issues of community and civic importance.

If there’s one word that summarizes everything CAG does for us as Georgetowners, from public safety and beautification to historic preservation and architectural review, it’s advocacy.

Specifically, CAG:

Testifies at critical government agency hearings on important topics such as Georgetown BID’s Sidewalk Extension Project, 5G small cells infrastructure, and liquor licensing applications in Georgetown before the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration; and

Represents residents by submitting comments on every proposed design review application presented to the Old Georgetown Board and attending monthly public meetings;

Interacts with government officials on issues of community importance, such as ridding our neighborhood of the infamous “Crane of Shame” at 3000 M Street, proposed zoning amendments to DC’s Comprehensive Plan, and DDOT’s installation of porous flexible pavement on brick sidewalks;

Advocates for Georgetown residents on issues involving the business community, such as projects and initiatives set forth by the Georgetown Business Improvement District and other neighborhood business associations;

Negotiates terms and conditions for granting liquor licenses to restaurants and taverns in Georgetown and mediates discussions between neighbors and businesses to find a win-win consensus position.

In sum, CAG is the community voice in Georgetown. I’m writing today to highlight CAG’s unique role in advocating for us all and ask for your donation to support CAG. Please be a community champion today.

Through the end of the year, CAG is rallying friends like you to raise $15,000. We will invest your gift in the expertise required to sharpen and elevate our advocacy efforts for Georgetown residents. Join me today and make a donation in appreciation of CAG and the tireless advocacy it does on behalf of all Georgetowners.

Click here to donate!

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,

Tara Sakraida Parker, President