Here’s a quick update on some of the major preservation projects that are in the process of review by the OGB.

3000 M Street: The Old Georgetown Board gave a “thumbs-up” to the design of the north massing of the proposed hotel but requested the applicant continue to work to reduce the south massing. The OGB requested this, so it does not appear to be so monolithic and visually imposing from the Canal. This is aligned with CAG’s comments to the OGB.

3401 Water Street: This project returned to the OGB as a proposal for a hotel. CAG requested that the OGB consider reducing the scale of the south massing of this structure, adjacent to the Key Bridge, to be more compatible with its Canal and riparian setting and to preserve views to Georgetown from Key Bridge. The OGB asked the applicants to return with these modifications.

Sidewalk Extensions: The OGB approved the BID’s proposal. In response to the community retains, a much-reduced number of the platforms will remain installed for six months instead of the one-year extension the BID was seeking. The ANC and CAG requested the OGBs approval be limited to streateries only.