Brick sidewalks are a significant feature of Georgetown. So, when the DC city government began “repairing” sidewalks where tree roots had caused the brick to lift with a porous flexible pavement (aka PFP), many in the neighborhood complained.

CAG responded to the complaints, which often bordered on outrage (Georgetown is, after all, a federal historic district, and brick sidewalks are an important part of its history). By working with Ward 2 Council Member Brooke Pinto, and the ANC 2E, CAG was able to get the city to stop work on repairing 12 sections of sidewalks with PFP. As it is, repair work with PFP had been completed on four of the 16 sites designated for repair. CAG is working with the DC Government to have the PFP removed in those four locations and replaced with brick. In fact, DC municipal regulations require that brick be used to repair Georgetown sidewalks. In response to the use of PFP, the ANC, in August passed a resolution mandating the remediation of the four sites.