What We Do

CAG’s programs, education, and historic preservation make Georgetown safer, more beautiful, and more connected. Through ongoing support from volunteer members and generous donors, CAG’s initiatives allow Georgetown to evolve and flourish by ensuring the integrity of its historical legacy and overall vitality.

Historic Preservation

CAG brings years of experience and technical skills to bear on the intricacies of historic preservation, regulations, and enforcement. CAG provides architectural oversight for residential, commercial, recreational, and infrastructure projects. This important oversight allows the neighborhood of Georgetown to evolve and flourish by ensuring the integrity of its historical legacy and overall landscape for future generations.

Safety and Beautification

CAG’s mission includes two vital initiatives: public safety and beautification. CAG has a long history of protecting our neighborhood. One of our top priorities remains improving the quality of life in Georgetown, lessening tensions, enhancing security within the community, and fostering relationships with partners including law enforcement agencies, in order to reduce and prevent criminal activity in our community. CAG also ensures the beautification of our residential streets by planting thousands of trees.

Information and Education  

CAG administers educational programming by hosting monthly meetings covering an array of timely topics and informs members and residents of news through multiple means, including the CAG Community Forum, Newsletter, newly launched website, and social media channels.


CAG keeps the community connected through a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion. CAG plans events, programming, and is always welcoming new members to its dynamic network of volunteers and committee members.

How Does CAG Accomplish This?

 CAG employs a small dedicated staff and operates a CAG headquarters in the heart of Georgetown. Here, under the leadership of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, and with an Executive Director and office support, CAG executes all programming and initiatives, and provides support for CAG’s programs for Public Safety and Trees for Georgetown. The CAG staff is responsible for many things, including executing committee actions,  publishing our newsletter, maintaining the Community Forum, and sending out news alerts keeping our members informed and connected. The staff also ensures that all of our initiatives and programs are operating successfully.

These activities are no small task as we strive to serve our member base, build our community, and partner with multiple District and city stakeholders. For over one hundred years, CAG has been delivering on its mission, but not without the financial support of its members. CAG relies on your generosity to fund our programs.


Donate to Friends of CAG today!


Your donation of $1000 will help support CAG’s operating expense for one week.


Your donation of $750 will support one week of staff time to respond to member inquiries and concerns.


Your donation of $325 will support postage and handling for one direct membership mailing.


Your donation of $150 will support three hours of CAG Website maintenance.

By donating to Friends of CAG, your gift will be directly applied to supporting CAG’s success.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.  CAG’s tax-exempt number is 52-1359105