Dear Georgetown Neighbor,

What is community spirit? How do we foster it?

Community spirit can be defined as “friendliness and understanding between local people.” Joining a citizens’ association, such as CAG, and participating in community programs is one way we can form relationships, take pride in our neighborhood and foster community spirit.

In February, CAG hosted a its first 2022 community program in celebration of Black History Month, entitled “Black Georgetown Remembered”.  A heartfelt thanks to our incredible Georgetown neighbors, Neville Waters III, Monica Roache and Jessica Ba, as well as to our wonderful community partners at Mt. Zion, for helping us recognize and understand the rich history of Black Georgetown and celebrate its legacy.

If you missed this meaningful and impactful program, please watch it here.

On March 1, CAG hosted a Mardi Gras Ice Skating Party for members at the Georgetown Waterfront. And, on April 24, CAG will host an Earth Day Clean-Up CAG’s programs allow all of us an opportunity to gather, to get to know one another, and to feel connected to our community. We hope to see you there and invite a relative, neighbor or friend to join you!

CAG is concluding its annual membership campaign.  For those renewing your membership, we sincerely thank you!  If you are interested in membership, please consider joining CAG and experience a new sense of community and connection. Do you have a desire to participate in activities that promote our Georgetown community? Are you interested in getting to know new and fascinating people who have chosen to make Georgetown home?

Become a CAG member this spring – one way to accomplish all of these goals!

Spring is upon us, and as we emerge from the pandemic winter, there is a renewed sense of community spirit bringing both joy and meaning to our lives.  I look forward to seeing you at the next CAG program and personally thanking you for your membership and participation.  Together, we can build our community spirit in Georgetown.

Wishing you all a happy spring season,

Tara Sakraida Parker, President