Photo courtesy of the DC Department of Transportation

As some of you may know, the DC Department of Transportation has implemented a plan to build over 20 miles of additional bike lanes throughout the city by 2023. This goal of bike lane expansion would include Georgetown, adding contraflow bike lanes- which allow cyclists to ride in the opposite traffic flow- to Dumbarton Street between 28th and Wisconsin Avenue.

Additionally, DDOT introduced the idea of changing N Street NW to One-Way while adding a Bike Lane from Wisconsin Avenue to 28th Street NW. DDOT presented both concepts at the August 30 ANC 2E meeting, giving way to a Notice of Intent for the Dumbarton Street pursuits. Currently, there is no formal DDOT proposal for the change to N Street.

However, since the DDOT presentation, residents that live on Dumbarton and N Street have convened to express their opinions on the matter. Because of CAG, the ANC, and residential efforts, DDOT has pulled its Notice of Intent and will be designing a network of micro-mobility (small means of transportation, like bikes and scooters) lanes that will be integrated into the upcoming Georgetown livability study. DDOT intends to release a formal statement.

Before this resolution, CAG, in collaboration with residents, supported the ANC 2E in proposing a resolution on the Dumbarton Notice of Intent at their meeting on Monday, October 4.  The ANC planned on expressing concerns about the process, justification, lack of intent, and safety issues surrounding this issue during the meeting.

CAG continues to interface with DDOT and the ANC to advocate on behalf of the residents of Georgetown. We want to ensure that your voices are heard; if you are seeking further information about proposed DDOT projects in Georgetown, please email: