Public Safety

An engaged, vigilant community is vital to preventing crime

In response to serious and wide-spread community concerns about public safety, CAG has broadened its Public Safety Program. The program hires private guards, organizes block captains, conducts a pilot camera project, and works closely with the Metropolitan Police Department. The CAG initiative is 100% paid for by the community and needs your support to continue. All contributions are tax deductible. The expanded program is based on the premise that there is strength in numbers and community involvement. We urge you to join other Georgetown residents in supporting the initiative by making a tax-deductible donation now. Financial support from all residents–at any level–is essential to protect our families and property.

Public Safety Enrollment

All donors receive a CAG Public Safety window sticker and special information about the program, including the guards' cell phone numbers. Only donors can contact the guards directly any time they are on duty. Many residents find it useful to have the guards escort them (or their guests) between home and car and to have the guards pay extra attention to their property while on vacation. Since we expanded our program to include this service we have had excellent reports about our guards responding quickly and efficiently to donors’ special requests.


Paying for it - The Price of Increased Security

The expanded Public Safety Program costs more than ever before. The good news is that donations to the Public Safety and Guard programs are completely tax deductible. We are asking each resident of Georgetown to give as generously as possible. If we all share the financial responsibility at the highest level each household can afford, we will be able to sustain a comprehensive program.

Please join your neighbors in supporting this important program that keeps your neighborhood closely monitored at night and provides individualized security service. We’ll all be safer and more connected!



Light Up Georgetown to Deter Crime

CAG urges all residents to "leave the porch light on" to deter night-time crime. Click here for information about the benefits of increased lighting in public areas, recommendations for timers and bulbs, and cost implications.

Information on Security Cameras

CAG has found surveillance cameras to be a useful adjunct to our Public Safety Program. Click here to learn how residents can help by installing cameras on their own homes and in surrounding alleys, and for product recommendations and contact information for local installers.


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