3123 P Street NW, is listed at $13.9 million. This house is currently the most expensive house for sale in Georgetown.

Yes, housing sales were strong all over the country this year, but they were downright torrid in 2021 in Georgetown. Year to date, almost 200 homes have been sold in Georgetown, according to Washington Fine Properties. That represents about a 43% increase year-over-year.

In November alone, 32 homes were sold in Georgetown at prices ranging from $2.5 million to $9.2 million. In the middle of December, there were 31 homes for sale in Georgetown with an average price of $4.4 million. (As a point of comparison, the median sales price nationally of homes for sale was…about $400,000.) The most expensive home for sale in Georgetown was $13.5 million.

According to Washington Fine Properties, housing prices year-over-year rose about 15 percent in 2021, and the real estate firm expects the market to remain strong in 2022. As things stand now, many homes listed for sale are selling within a week, and home sellers have several offers to consider.

Another point of comparison: nationally, homes are on the market for more than three weeks before selling— just another example of just how hot the Georgetown housing market is.