GeorgetownForum Listserv

An Online Community Bulletin Board

Need a good painter or plumber for your house? Do you have extra tickets to a show at the Kennedy Center you’d like to sell? Do you have information to share on a new construction project that is impacting traffic in Georgetown? The GeorgetownForum listserv is a place for residents to seek and exchange information on all of these topics and more including:

  • local events (e.g. safety and crime alerts)
  • businesses and services (house sitter, sell those old skis)
  • events in the neighborhood (tickets for GU shows, receptions at embassies, tours, concerts)
  • other topics relevant to the neighborhood (parking, traffic)…

The GeorgetownForum listserv is an online community bulletin board where residents can post and respond to posts online. Many neighborhoods already have these online community bulletin boards and we are excited Georgetown now has one in place.

Joining the GeorgetownForum is free and easy:

Send an email to

When you sign up you can designate how you want to receive information. You can opt to:

  • receive all emails directly
  • get a daily digest of postings
  • receive only the very infrequent special notices
  • receive none at all and only check the group website

In addition to, or instead of, emails you can visit the group website, explore the links there, add your comments to the discussions – even add your own links and files.


CAG encourages you to join our GeorgetownForum because it provides an important tool for everyone to learn what is on residents' minds and because it will enable CAG to get important information out to you fast. Through the GeorgetownForum you can tell CAG and your fellow Georgetowners what is concerning you. GeorgetownForum is open to CAG members and non-members alike, so please forward this to neighbors and community leaders you think would be interested.

Please address any questions or comments to us at, or call us at the CAG office: 202-337-7313.

Citizens Association of Georgetown is a non-profit civic organization representing the interests of Georgetown residents. CAG’s members, programs, and advocacy make Georgetown safer, more beautiful, and more connected.

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