Call Box Restoration

Georgetown's Historic Call Boxes: a critical need and a unique opportunity

Georgetown's 30 historic police and fire call boxes – the boxes once used to summon the police or fire department before homes had telephones - are in critical need of being restored. The call boxes, installed in the 1860s, became obsolete with the introduction of the 911 emergency system. Totally abandoned in the 1970s, these distinctive structures which dot our neighborhood have been neglected, are in disrepair and deteriorating – some are even in danger of being destroyed.

CAG is spearheading the much-needed restoration of the charming old call boxes. These handsome structures will not only be saved but also become unique markers for our cherished local history.

This Citizens Association of Georgetown project is part of a citywide initiative to restore all call boxes, neighborhood by neighborhood. Working with Art on Call (a program of Cultural Tourism DC, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and the Office of the Mayor), CAG has identified and surveyed Georgetown’s call boxes and prepared a plan to reuse the boxes as showcases for our neighborhood history.

For more information, see the Call Box Restoration Brochure or call the CAG Office at 202-337-7313.

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